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Mutual Aid networks across the country – and the world – providing for people’s necessities, liberating energy to build communities, reigniting a communitarian faith that things can be better when we work for each other’s benefit. A radical narrative that targets the root of the crises we face today, building on the great movements of the past. Breaking from the structures of inequality that define our system today through strikes and mass non-payment actions, supported by the authority of effective mutual aid networks across the country.

The total cancellation of Global South financial debts.

The cancellation of all debts that do not relate to the acquiring private property or assets for purposes more than subsistence. The abolition of essential debt (healthcare, education etc.) The reappropriation of financial assets for public benefit.

The return of land rights to local communities and the reevaluation of trade relationships to benefit the growth of local self-sufficiency and autonomy. The hearing and reparation of historic injustices determined by the victims of the injustice. An economy in harmony with ecological boundaries promoting social progress and respect.